character students

Every month, Reeds Spring Middle School highlights and emphasizes the importance of one of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, based on the book by Sean Covey. September's habit was to Be Proactive.

Here are the RSMS Character Students for September:

Top Row - Caden Sage, MJ Bridges, Emma Ware, Shelby Padilla, Mikayla Baker,  Drake Peters, Leland Daugherty, Baya Clifford, Chloe Bitter, Matthew Crabtree

Middle Row - Brody Colman, Luke Sellers, Avery Cadle, Libby Colman, Jack Borich, Daisy Sullivan, Stevin Coder, Benjamin Zwicky, Maya “Kae” Kelley, Macie Funk

Bottom Row - Tanner Stults, Kaelee Howe, Callie Rose, Kailey Criger, Makinzey Kinney, Hailey Barber, SJ Davis, Lizzie Chastain, Alicia Martinez, Autumn Tharp, Maggie Sullivan

Not Pictured: Braydyn Fuller