security cameras

The Reeds Spring School District plans to improve security cameras, lighting, and bus safety with a $377,000 grant from the Department of Justice. The School Violence Prevention Program Award is one of 235 issued to schools across the country and the first in southwest Missouri. 

“This money will be exceptionally beneficial to our district safety and security,” said Director of Operations Steve Verheyen. “We believe a safe environment is essential and will lead to better outcomes for our students.”

Specific upgrades include high-definition security cameras at all district buildings, LED lighting in parking lots, body cameras and better communications equipment for school resource officers, and improved GPS tracking for school buses. 

The district also plans to form a community safety committee to improve collaboration with law enforcement, neighboring school districts, and community members. 

“By creating environments where students can flourish, we can identify problems before they become tragedies,” said Karhlton F. Moore, the Director of the Bureau of Justice Assistance. “These awards will help school and law enforcement officials, as well as teachers, staff, and students, recognize the signs of potential danger and take steps to prevent those threats from escalating into serious violence.”