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Public notice is hereby given that a Special Emergency Closed Meeting of the Board of Education of the Reorganized Reeds Spring School District No. R-IV of Stone County, Missouri, will be held in the Learning Center located at the High School, 2027 State Highway 413, Reeds Spring, MO, in said School District on Friday, September 23, 2022, to meet for good cause because of an urgent matter.

The meeting will open at or near 7:30 a.m., and will immediately convene to Executive Session at or near 7:35 a.m., for matters pursuant to RSMo § Section 610.021 - (1) Legal, and will be conducted in person and via Zoom for the Board members who are unable to attend in person (pursuant to RSMo § Section 610.015, Board members participating via video conference constitute part of a quorum and are allowed to vote in Closed Session.) 

DATED this 22nd day of September, 2022