excellence awards

Primary School - Amy Moler

"Mrs. Moler was working throughout the summer to create math assessments that would align with our new math curriculum. She has gone above and beyond to make the beginning of the school year a seamless transition for all of the new first-grade teachers by creating a hub to make planning easier. She has so many creative ideas and is always willing to share. The first-grade team is blessed to have her!"

Elementary School - Sarah Deaton

"Mrs. Deaton is deserving of this recognition because she is an incredibly hard-working and committed teammate. She is involved in many different leadership roles in our school and is always striving to be the best she can be. I love the driven and passionate energy she brings to our team and school!"

Intermediate School - Liz Jones

"Ms. Jones has taken the initiative in many ways to help her 5th grade ELA team. She is quick to offer ideas and support and will tackle any challenge head-on. We appreciate her ability to constantly create and share great ideas with her team. She has phenomenal classroom management and serves as a model for establishing and following through with clear expectations for her students and teammates. She has a gift for reaching some very challenging students and getting them to work hard."

Middle School - Jen Mayfield

"Ms. Mayfield goes above and beyond to see her students overcome challenges and excel. Not only does she meet the many needs of her special education students, but she carefully thinks about the needs of her students and thinks outside the box to create an environment for her students to thrive! I am continually amazed by her!"

High School - Misti Langston

"Mrs. Langston is always available when a co-worker or a student needs assistance. Her door is always open and she fights for each and every student to make sure he/she gets the needed help and assistance. She quietly picks up the slack, whether it be in the SPED Department or with the regular ed. department. She has many hidden talents and wears many hats. When you sit back and see everything she does for individuals and for the school district and never complains, that is a coworker the school needs to recognize. She is a hidden gem. She works quietly behind the scenes and expects no accolades because she is a person who comes to work to do her job and does it wholeheartedly every day."

Gibson Tech - Chris Jenkins

"Mr. Jenkins has such a great positive attitude that builds such a wonderful culture in his classroom."