Primary School - Amy Chaplin

"She is always so positive and upbeat! She makes everyone feel welcome and part of the team. It is a joy to visit with her and see her interact with her students. Her patience and kindness are appreciated."

Elementary School - Melissa Bittle

"She is so welcoming to families and staff. She has a deep desire to continually learn new things. She is a great blessing to our building! She is very knowledgeable and works hard to help the building run smoothly. She is a positive encourager who is relentless in helping folks feel welcome here."

Intermediate School - Heather Boersma

"Her sweet and positive attitude makes challenging situations a breeze! She never hesitates to help anyone. She stays positive and always represents our building with a smile on her face. Heather is the first to greet anyone who enters the building and does so with a genuine smile. "

Middle School - Richard Murphy

"He is always willing to help move mountains for students.  I appreciate his professionalism and willingness to go above and beyond for students as well as keep our building looking great!"

High School - Jill Rodriguez

"She is always smiling, is always happy to help, and has a great attitude!"

Gibson Tech - Candy Boyd

"She has kept a positive attitude despite many obstacles. She has shown great initiative in reaching out to other CTE secretaries building up a resource community, as well as offering help to our staff and other building secretaries."

District Support - Jill Swestka

"She has done a phenomenal job in leading the change from SIS to Infinite Campus. Her positive mindset and willingness to go above and beyond are unmatched and are very much appreciated!"