Partnership Opportunities for Businesses

For years, faces have come and gone through the halls of Reeds Spring Schools. Some have moved to far away destinations starting their adult lives. Others have chosen to remain on the soil of their roots. But each carries a piece of the story of the Wolves with them.
That story has evolved through the years. New faces, buildings, awards and recognitions; new leaders, course offerings and curriculum. One constant has been... new opportunities. It is time to rise to the occasion.

Let the howling begin!
Our stadium, with NFL-grade turf, hosts events for the football team, cheerleaders, marching band, track and field team, and several youth organizations.
With a stadium full of players, performers, and fans within a thriving school district at the heart of a community, your business could be exposed to tens of thousands of people during a season of events!
Wolves Gymnasium at Reeds Spring High School is home to the boys and girls basketball teams as well as the volleyball and wrestling squads. The Commons at the High School is a pleasant gathering oasis for players, parents, and fans enjoying refreshments and breaks during sporting events. It is also used fro community events like the Chili Cook-Off.
Add to your exposure through the thousands of encounters each day with electronic billboards, district website visits, and social media, newsletters, and sports programs. This makes the decision to become “An Official Sponsor of the Wolves” an easy choice.
More important than the exposure is the alignment of your business or organization with a positive, progressive educational institution focused on making today and tomorrow better. Those opportunities for enriched engagement become fewer each year for advertising and promotion-based businesses. The following sponsorship opportunities are made available for the upcoming school year:

*Payments can be made incrementally
**Commercial may be written and produced with sponsor if desired
***Commercial airs twice per game
****First right of refusal for next sponsorship period
Logo on sponsors' page in football programs
Verbal thanks before events
Name on LED for events in gym
Static ad on closed-circuit TV
Two family passes to all events
Six t-shirts with names of sponsors
Digital copy of Wolves' logo
 First right of refusal for next sponsorship period
Logo on sponsors' page in football program
Verbal thanks before events
Static ad on closed-circuit TV
Option to sponsor concession stand
One family pass to all events
First right of refusal for next sponsorship period
One of the things companies often ask for in major partnerships is the idea of exclusivity. A bank, for instance, may want to be the only bank included in a partnership – or a restaurant or an insurance agency. It is quite common and when a company is willing to spend as much money as $10,000 a year or $8,000 a year we understand that. So we are offering business category exclusivity for our top two sponsorship packages - the Founders Club and Alpha Package.