Communications Department


Why does the district have a communications director?

  • This is the media age - school communication needs have increased dramatically and become more complex. A school district needs a professional to develop and execute its communication plans through both print/electronic media and face-to-face communication, and to handle relations with the multitude of media that call school districts weekly.
  • Education is under attack - from taxpayers, business groups, and others. A school district needs a professional to publicize the positive news about student/staff achievement and programs, and to develop a coordinated proactive, rather than reactive, approach that anticipates problems before they develop. If there is no positive communication from the school district, the critics' voices are the only ones that will be heard.
  • The scope of successful school communications has expanded greatly - from what in the past was mostly written communication, to a greatly increased need for face-to-face communication with the many publics in your community. A school district needs a professional to build informed support and solid community relationships.