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Youth Activities

Welcome to the home page of the Reeds Spring Schools Youth Activities. The purpose of this program is to provide students in grades K-6 an opportunity to get exposure to the activities that will be available to them as they progress throughout their school years while in the Reeds Spring School District.
We offer the following activities:
Flag Football (K-2)
Tackle Football (Grades 3-6)
Running Club
Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball

Following are the goals of the program:

2. Teach students basic fundamental skills and techniques
3. Emphasis the importance of sportsmanship for both players and parents
4. Instill the importance of teamwork and working together for a purpose
5. Promote pride in the Reeds Spring School District
6. Ensure that all participants have a positive experience

Through the cooperation and involvement of the coaches within the school district, participants within the youth programs are able to get first-hand coaching that will be utilized and vital as they progress through the various athletic programs available to the students within the district.

We hope you find this information and the website informative and useful.

Go Youth Wolves!!!