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·        Cardboard (please separate cardboard from other recyclables)

·        Brown bags, Cereal boxes, any fiberboard

·        Tin Cans (labels OK)

·        Aluminum Cans

·        Plastics #1-7

·        Paper -office paper, mixed paper, newspaper, books, phonebooks, junk mail, magazines

·        Glass -food and beverage (any color, labels OK). NO Windows, Pyrex, ceramics, or mirrors

·        Electronic Waste

o   Electronic Waste Accepted for Free

§  Laptops/Tablets, Cell Phones, PC/Mac Computers, Routers/Hubs/Switches, Adapters, Printers/Scanners/Fax Machines, Copy Machines, Landline Phones, UPS’s, Keyboards/Mice, LED/LCD/Plasma TV’s and Monitors, Cable/Satellite Boxes, Dishes/Receivers, Stereos/Speakers, VCR’s/DVD Players, Blu-ray Players, Video Games/Systems, Point of Sale Equipment

o   Electronic Waste Accepted with a Fee

§  CRT Monitors $20.00 each

§  CRT TV’s, Big Screen TV’s, Console TV’s $20.00 each

·        Universal Waste

o   Universal Waste Accepted for Free

§  Laptop batteries, Cell Phone Batteries, UPS Batteries, Auto/Marine Batteries, NI-Cad Batteries, Li-ion Batteries,

Ni-MH Batteries, Non PCB Ballast, Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

o   Universal waste Accepted with a Fee

§  Fluorescent Light Bulbs $1.00 each

§  Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL’s) $1.00 each

§  High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamps $2.50 each

§  Mercury Devices $15.00 per lb.

·        Appliance Waste

o   Appliance Waste Accepted for Free

§  Washers/Dryers, Dish Washers, Water Heaters, Gas/Electric Ovens, Toasters, Vacuums, Blenders, Coffee Pots, Heaters, Stoves, Vents/Hoods, Furnaces, Any household appliance that doesn’t contain refrigerant

o   Appliance Waste Accepted with a Fee

§  Microwaves $10.00 each

§  Refrigerators/Freezers $5.00 each

§  Air Conditioners $5.00 each

§  Dehumidifiers $5.00 each

§  All items containing refrigerant will have a $5.00 fee


We Accept anything with a Battery or a Cord

Please call 417-272-8173 ext. 4151 with any questions