Required Public Notices

The Missouri Department of Education released preliminary End of Course (EOC) and Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) assessment scores in August. These Individual Student Reports (ISRs) are preliminary and may not reflect actual test scores due to data clean-up activities and/or appeals. 
Official scores will be released from the Department of Education sometime in October.  At this time ISRs will be distributed during our 1st quarter parent/teacher conferences.  If you have any questions please contact your child’s building principal or counselor.
The Reeds Spring School District has worked through a collaborative process to implement an Alternative Method of Instruction (AMI) plan to be utilized for up to 5 days when school is closed due to a health concern, inclement weather, flooding, exceptional emergency circumstances, or other natural disasters.

The goal of the AMI plan is to embed learning activities focused on reinforcement of critical learning standards, enrichment activities, or support for further skill development. Consistent practice and exposure to skills without interruption is the most effective way to ensure student understanding and mastery of content knowledge.  

We will notify all parents/guardians, as we have in the past, via district calls/text and social media postings in the event of school closures and use of AMI days.  
Contact the Office of Special Services if you need these documents in a language other than English.