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Health Information

Immunization Records
Please bring in updated Immunization records each time your child receives an immunization. These records need to be up to date in your child's file. 
Bureau of Child Care Safety and Licensure of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services requires prescription medication to be in the original container with the pharmacy label attached including the child’s name, physician’s name, date, medication name, dosage, and time information.

All non-prescription medication shall be in the original container and labeled by the parent(s) with the child’s name and instruction for administration, including times and amounts for dosages.
A Medical Authorization form must be filled out and signed by the parent prior to any medication being administered by staff. Staff will document time and dosage on form. When the child has completed medicine, the form will be placed in the child’s file.
Children must be symptom free for 24 hours without medication before returning to the RSEEC. 

Symptoms include but not limited to: fever over 100 degrees, diarrhea, vomiting, lice/nits, rash
In the cases of a rash; you will be asked to provide a doctor's note before your child is allowed to return. Other illnesses may require a doctor's note stating child is allowed to return. This policy is in effect to protect all children in the center.
Please help us keep everyone healthy by keeping your sick child home.