Volunteer Program

The Reeds Spring School District appreciates the willingness of parents/guardians to volunteer in our schools. To ensure the safety of our students, the Board of Education requires all individuals who come in contact with our students to complete a Background Check.
A recent change in legislation will now require some of our volunteers to complete a fingerprint background check, rather than the MO Criminal Records Check.  Though this is now required for some of our volunteers, it may create a savings for all volunteers if they choose.  The cost of the MO Criminal Records check is currently $16 and is required each school year.  The FBI fingerprint background check is currently $41.75 and will be valid for 6 years.
Below are the volunteer groups that will be required to complete an FBI fingerprint background check beginning January 1, 2020 to become Screened Volunteers:
           * Volunteer Coaches
           * Care for Kids (Please contact Rhonda Davis for instructions)
           * Lunch Buddies (Please contact Rhonda Davis for instructions)
           * Tutors
Volunteer MO Criminal Records Check:
1.  Click on the Volunteer Online Instructions file below for step-by-step instructions on how to complete a criminal record check at www.mocriminalrecords.com.
Screened Volunteer Fingerprint Background Check:
1.  Please complete a Volunteer application. Reeds Spring School Volunteer Application
2.  Click on the FBI Background Check Instructions file below for instructions how to register at www.machs.mo.gov and complete the background check.
Again, please know that we truly appreciate your willingness to volunteer in our schools.