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End of Year Procedures

Technology End of Year Procedures 2017-18

First, if you have anything on your computer that you want to keep, please put it in your R: drive, Google drive, a USB thumb drive, print it out, write it down, or otherwise save it. If your computer gets reimaged over the summer then everything on it will be wiped out and the tech department won't be responsible if you lose the Colonel's secret recipe or the 18.5 minutes from the Nixon tapes.  
Classroom teachers:
Please unhook the network cable going from the computer to the wall on the wall end and put it up on the cart, desk, etc. If you have a VGA, HDMI, etc. cable going from the computer to the wall for your projector, please unhook it on the wall end and put it up on the cart/desk as well. You DO NOT need to unhook your keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc. from the back of the computer.
When you leave for the summer please put all remotes (TV, Projector, DVD player, VHS, Laserdisk, Betamax, etc.), loose cables, cords etc. in your rolly cart. If you don't have a rolly cart then the tech dept will have large plastic bags in your building's office that you can put your stuff in. Please label the bag with your room number and put it in your desk.
Teachers with phones:
If your phone was mounted on the wall but you moved it to a desk, please mount it back up on the wall before you leave. If you have a phone sitting on your desk, cart, etc., please unplug the network cable from the wall and lay it up on the desk, cart, etc, next to the phone. Note: Phones DO NOT change rooms. If you change rooms between this year and next you will have a different phone number. The phone's number is tied to the room number, not the person using it.
Never to return Staff:
If you are leaving the district, never to return...we need your staff iPad, laptop, docking station, and charging cable turned into the Tech Department (basement of the Intermediate School) before you leave. We are generally here between 7:30 AM and 4:00 PM Monday through Friday, unless we're not. Stop by any time, unless we're not here.
Staff with laptops:
If you are NOT leaving the district we DO NOT need your laptop or any of its accessories AT ALL. There will be NO reimaging of staff laptops this summer. There will be NO drop off date. There will be NO pick up date. You're welcome.
3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Grade teachers:
If you have student laptops in your room, please make sure that all tape, names, stickers, etc. that you have applied have been removed. If it wasn't on there when the laptop was issued to your room then it shouldn't be on there when you leave. Please take all of your student laptops and put them in your charging cabinet (plugged in).
If you have iPads:
Please make sure ALL of your iPads are present, accounted for, and fully charged. We have a number of iPads that haven't seen the network in months so I can only assume they're sitting dead in a corner, desk drawer, etc. Dig 'em out and charge 'em up please.
Primary school classroom teachers:
If your iPads are going to be used for Summer School, please leave them in your classroom for that purpose. They will be inventoried before Summer School and afterwards as well. 
If your iPads will not be used for Summer School please box them up (once they're fully charged) and put them in the PS vault. Please put your iPad charging cables and Octofires in your classroom closet. 
2nd grade Teachers:
Since your iPads are on tables bolted to the wall (that can be waxed under) you DO NOT need to put them in the vault. Please make sure all of your iPads are accounted for and fully charged and just leave them in your classroom on the table that is bolted to the wall or otherwise built in.
Staff with iPads:
Staff members may take their Staff iPad home with them for the summer. Please do not take any of the student iPads. 
Departing staff with iPads:
If you have a Staff iPad and you are not returning next year, please make sure that "Find My iPad" is turned off and that you have logged out of your Apple account on the iPad before you turn the iPad in to the Tech Department.