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The Office of Instruction provides information on the curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional learning for the Reeds Spring School District.


It is the mission of the Reeds Spring R-IV School District to provide comprehensive educational experiences that will enable all students to become life-long learners and productive, informed citizens.  The development and revision of district curriculum is an ongoing endeavor in which the process is equally as important as the product.  The following assumptions guide the development and revision process (DuFour & Eaker):

  • Teachers should work collaboratively to design a research-based curriculum that reflects the best thinking in each subject area.
  • The curriculum should help teachers, students, and parents clarify the specific knowledge, skills, and dispositions that students should acquire as a result of their schooling.
  • The results-oriented curriculum should reduce content and enable all parties to focus on essentials and significant learning.
  • The curriculum process should enable an individual teacher, a teaching team, and the school to monitor student achievement at the classroom level.
  • Curriculum and assessment processes should foster commitment to continuous improvement.