District Food Drive Ends November 30

The Reeds Spring School District is collecting food for families in need. Donations for the ninth annual food drive will be accepted at all district buildings from November 5 until November 30. The food will be distributed on December 6. 

School counselors determine which families are eligible. Each family typically receives about 200 pounds of food. Some of it is perishable, like milk and eggs. The rest is non-perishable, like canned goods.
Each building collects different items. Here are lists for each building:

Primary Elementary Intermediate Middle High Gibson Tech
Oatmeal Peanut Butter Stuffing Cereal Pasta All Items
Canned Fruit Soup/Stew Peanut Butter Crackers Canned Fruit Pasta Sauce   
Instant Potatoes
Beans (Pork or Baked)
Cheese Crackers Soup/Stew Oatmeal   
Mac & Cheese Hamburger Helper Soup/Stew Instant Potatoes Cereal   
Rice Pasta Canned Meals or Meats Peanut Butter Crackers Peanut Butter   
  Pasta Sauce Fruit Juice Cheese Crackers  Fruit Juice  
        Baked Beans  
        Canned Fruit  
        Canned Meats  
        Canned Meals  
        Hamburger Helper  
        Instant Potatoes  
        Mac & Cheese  
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