Elementary School Honors Citizens of the Month

2nd Grade
Lyla Mackie, Isabella Deets, Brynlee Halford, Cuira Halbmaier, Peyton Walker, Quincy Brown
Vianey Torres, Ezekiel Kelson, Asher Williams, Adriana Moreno, Aiden Barton, Ryan Cody, Drew Garsee, Troy Tibbitts
3rd Grade
Luis Madrigal, Isabella Aguirre, Madalyn Briggs, Annika Lancaster
RJ Clouse, Landen Hayes, Jaxen Fletcher, Chloe Clevenger, Jordan Loe
Not pictured:  Natalynn Hundley

4th Grade
Isabelle Sooter, Elizabeth Chastain, Maya Kelley, Tanner Stults, Piper Cole
Olivia Miller, Abby Harness, Alexa Wenner, Dane Thierbach, Jack Borich, Justin Bonner
Not Pictured: Matthew Cole (4th)
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