Family Members Work Together at Reeds Spring Schools

Many school districts claim that their staff members are so close that they are like family. At Reeds Spring Schools, many of the staff members truly are family. The district has seven pairs of mother-daughter coworkers.

Ashley Bauer is a fourth-grade teacher and her mother, Karla Bauer, is a school nurse.

“I’m so happy that I’m back at Reeds Spring,” said Ashley Bauer, a 2014 graduate. “It’s cool to come full circle.”

“It is really special to have her here in the district, just to be able to see her blossoming as a teacher,” said Karla Bauer.

Christy Chastain is a sixth-grade teacher, and her mother, Lee Ann Chastain, is a library media specialist.

“I felt it was easy to form relationships with these students because we’re coming from the same place. We can talk about shared experiences,” Christy Chastain said.

“It did not surprise me that this is where her heart took her,” said Lee Ann Chastain. “That says a lot about your community and kids. It’s a good sign.”

Liz Jones is also a sixth-grade teacher, and her mother, Glenda Coyle, is also a library media specialist.

“No matter how far away you go, you always have that piece that makes you want to come back, draws you back in,” said Liz Jones.

“It’s nice to know that our kids are close and in a good spot,” Coyle added.

Samantha Parrish is a fourth-grade teacher, and her mother, Tammy Parrish, teaches Health Occupations at Gibson Technical Center.

“I couldn’t see myself being anywhere else,” said Samantha Parrish. “We have the choice to leave and go to other schools, but we choose to come back.”

“It’s nice to know that if we have an issue or we have a problem, we’re here together,” said Tammy Parrish. “We both really enjoy it here.”

Megan Dotson is a paraprofessional, and her mother, Sandra Hill, is the athletic department administrative assistant.

“I’ve felt at home here,” said Dotson. “It’s a great place to work.”

“I thought it was a smart move for her, so I was very excited,” Hill said.

Jennifer Mitchell is a reading recovery teacher at Reeds Spring Primary School. Her daughter, Natalie, is a paraprofessional at Reeds Spring Elementary School. Carrie Payne is a paraprofessional, and her mother, Belinda Clevenger, works in the food service department.

In addition to the mother-daughter connections, the district also has several husbands and wives who work together.

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