Elementary School Students Benefit From Kindness Campaign

Messages of kindness and gratitude have been seen and heard throughout Reeds Spring Elementary School. Students and staff recently became the first school in Missouri to participate in the Look for the Good Project.

Started in 2011, this two-week program aims to improve school culture by getting everyone to realize all of the good things in their lives.

"Look for the Good began with the core belief that gratitude changes mindsets. This program sounded like something that could really benefit our students,” said principal Laura Weber.

Each day, students wrote messages of thanks on sticky notes and added them to the Wall of Gratitude in the hallway. At the end of the two-week campaign, more than 3,000 notes covered the wall!

Temporary floor stickers were also installed. When someone stepped on the spot, that person thought about something that made him or her thankful.

Teachers passed out "kindness cards" when they saw students doing something nice. The cards read, "You Matter," and students were encouraged to pass on the cards to their classmates.

Each student also wrote a letter to someone special in their lives. Students read those letters out loud at the end of the two-week program and reflected on the experience.

"I am so proud of the students. They embraced this campaign and made it more than we ever expected,” Weber said. “We saw students step up as leaders, and they showed more gratitude and kindness toward one another. I'm looking forward to seeing where this leads us next year as we build on what we have already accomplished!"
On the last day of the two-week campaign, area churches surprised our staff by giving them gifts from their teacher wish lists.
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