Gibson Tech Becomes 1st School in State With Ambulance Simulator

Gibson Technical Center is the first school in the state to have an ambulance simulator. This equipment is the size of a standard ambulance and will help Emergency Medical Technician students become better prepared for the workforce. 

"Students are going to be able to load and unload patients from the ambulance, and they're also going to be in scenarios where I can close the doors and it's just the EMT and the patient, like it is in the real world," said Gibson Tech EMT Instructor Lacey Williams.

The simulator allows students to learn what it's like to work in a tight space. It also contains video cameras, so the students can watch themselves afterward and critique their work.

"It's very lifelike," said Gibson Tech student Alyssa Huston. "It does feel very realistic, just because of the way it is set-up and the things you can do throughout it." 

EMT students must spend 60 hours riding in an ambulance to receive their certification. Williams says most of that time is spent watching, so this hands-on training will be a big help.

"Absolutely everything we need will be on the simulator," Williams said. "Students will be more comfortable and confident with their skills."

A state grant paid 75% of the $38,000 simulator. The Reeds Spring School District chipped in 25%.
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