Middle School Football Teams Wrap Up Successful Season

The Reeds Spring Middle School seventh-grade football team had a very successful season. 33 student-athletes showed great improvement from game one all the way through the end of the season. The team finished with an overall record of 5-1, which was good for a first-place tie in the COC-Small division with Bolivar. The team's only loss was to Bolivar, on the last day of the season, 14-12.
The team showed great work ethic and defensive determination. The starters only allowed 14 points the entire season. We outscored our opponents by a combined total of 151-20.

Coach Chris Bodoin began the season by telling the players the goal was to impact lives in a positive manner on a daily basis, not to win or lose. The staff tried to mirror the high school program by running similar practices, plays, using the same terminology, and even trying to match uniforms. The coaches are laying the foundation so the athletes know what is expected when they arrive in high school.
The players used their minds in addition to their bodies. They were required to watch video replays of their games. The booster club purchased a camera for this purpose last year. The players also participated in community service through EarthWise Recycling Center.
The eighth-grade team had a season full of trials and tribulations. Throughout the year, ten starters were hurt and 11 players overall suffered season-ending injuries. The team finished 1-4, losing three of the four games by eight or fewer points.
Coach Bodoin said he was as proud of this team as any he's ever coached. The team never gave up when all looked lost. This team played with only 13 players the last two games and played at a very competitive level.
Wolves football is an elite program designed to teach young athletes the skills necessary to continuously develop and reach their full potential as football players as well as productive citizens in our community. The goal is to provide a safe, fun, and successful environment for athletes for all ages and skill level to learn the fundamentals as well as complexities of the game of football. In addition, RSMS football will provide the ideal venue to teach our athletes the attributes of sportsmanship, discipline, cooperation, competition, self-confidence, respect, and teamwork.
The coaching staff was comprised of Chris Bodoin, Chris Teed, Ben Jones, and Truman Jones.
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