Middle School Wraps Up Successful Fall Sports Season

Middle School Football 2015 Season Summary
7th Grade:
The Reeds Spring 7th grade football team had a very successful season and consisted of 23 student-athletes and showed great improvement from game one of the season all the way through the end of the season.
The team finished with an overall record of 4-1-1, which should be good for a 1st place tie in the Small COC division with Bolivar. The team's only loss came by a last second pass vs. Buffalo. The team finished on a high note by ruining Bolivar’s undefeated season, defeating them14-12, and finishing the game with a tough goal-line stand.

I begin each season telling the student athletes that we coach in order to impact their lives in a positive manner on a daily basis, not for wins or losses. Our goal as a staff is to mirror the high school program. We tried to run practice, plays, terminology, and even uniforms as closely related to their program as possible. Our goal is to lay the foundation down now so that the athletes already know what is expected as well all plays and terminology when
they arrive in the high school. This will continue to be our focus for years to
come, as we build and sustain a successful football program.
The 7th grade team came in very discouraged stating that they had only won one game in their youth Mighty Mites career. The overall objective for this group of young athletes was to build confidence in each athlete, as well as the team. We spent many practices working on team-building exercises which seemed to pay off towards the end of the season as players really trusted and leaned on each other to overcome adversity as a team in order to achieve their individual and team goals.
8th Grade:
The 8th grade team had a successful season which ended with an overall record of 4-2. The 8th grade team showed a great deal of improvement from their 7th grade season. The players from this team finish with an overall Middle School record of 10-3.

The 8th grade team had a nice season-opening win over Rogersville and then faced a very tough Marshfield team. The height of the season was also the small COC championship came against Buffalo, who has remained undefeated in the past two seasons. The 8th grade boys came up short in this game, losing 8-12 after buffalo stopped us on the 1-yard line as the clock ran out. Our 8th grade team began the season overcoming adversity with all three starting running backs injured. Once they returned to full health, we began to pick up steam as we finished the season winning the last 3 games by a combined score of 141-12.

Overall, it was a successful season with great numbers. Both teams combined gave us 50 student-athletes and a combined record of 8-3-1. Many lessons were learned about sportsmanship, respect, teamwork, overcoming adversity, and creating a hard work ethic. Each athlete made both individual as well as team-oriented, goals which were hung across the locker room with pride!

RSMS Football Coaching Staff:
Chris Bodoin-Head Coach
Truman Jones-Assistant Coach
Ben Jones-Assistant Coach
Chris Teed-Assistant Coach
Middle School Volleyball 2015 Season Summary
7th Grade:
The Reeds Spring 7th grade volleyball team finished the season with 13 players on its roster. Their record was 8-9 including tournaments. They finished third in their pool at the Marshfield tournament and placed third overall in the Small COC tournament. Our B-team played three games against the Large COC schools and one game against all other opponents. With this game format, all players were able to play and work to improve their fundamentals and
skills. As the season progressed the girls were able to fine-tune their skills and made great strides and positive gains as a volleyball team. We had great support from parents throughout the season, as well as positive comments from officials regarding our sportsmanship on game nights.

8th Grade:
The Reeds Spring 8th grade volleyball team finished the season with 15 players on its roster. Their record was 9-7-2 including tournaments. They finished third in the Buffalo tournament and placed third overall in the Small COC tournament. Our B-team played three games against the Large COC schools and one game against all other opponents. With this game night format, all players were able to play and work to improve their fundamentals skills. The
girls showed grit and determination throughout the season coming from behind to win some tough matches. I quickly dubbed them the “comeback kids” long before the Royals’ fight in the World Series.

Both teams finished on top of their game with big wins and a 3rd place plaque from the COC tournament. The girls really came together as a team as we put constant focus on character, sportsmanship, and respect. The girls decided to organize a “Pink Out” night at one of our home games. They sold t-shirts and collected donations to give to the Making Strides Breast Cancer campaign. Wehave looked into future fundraising opportunities to purchase pink jerseys to wear during the month of October next fall.
RSMS Volleyball Coaching Staff:
Glenda Coyle-Head Coach
Jillian Brown-Assistant Coach
Middle School Cross Country 2015 Season Summary
The 2015 Cross Country season was a successful season in terms of growth, personal goals attained, team building, and dedication. There were a total of 22 athletes that competed during the 2015 season, 14 boys, 8 girls, with a further breakdown of 4- 7th grade boys, 4 -7th grade girls, 9 – 8th grade boys, and 5 -8th grade girls.
Last year we had a team of 14 and this year had a team of 22. Only one 7th grader from last year’s team did not run this year. The average decrease in time for the girls was 7 minutes and 11 seconds and for the boys it was 3 minutes 5 seconds. There were multiple medalists throughout the season, with the most consistent being 7th grader Aleida Tolbert and 8th grader Cayden Love. They both medaled at the COC meet, with Aleida being 9th overall for the girls and Cayden being 16th overall for 7th and 8th grade boys. Another success was the amount of last year’s 8th graders continuing to run in high school. 3 out of 5 girls continued to run CC in high school (1 played softball instead and the other focused on band) and all 5 boys 8th grade boys from the 2014-2015 team ran on the high school team with 2 earning Varsity positions.
RSMS Cross Country Coach: Jason Walworth
The RSMS Activities Program has identified three areas of focus for the 2015-
16 school year:
1. Promote Sportsmanship—Wooden’s Pyramid of Success and the goal of earning the
status of a MSHSAA Leadership School.
2. Support RSMS athletes and promote exceptional character (Purpose
statements for coaches).
3. On-going communication with varsity program/coaches to adequately
prepare athletes for sports at the High School level.
To help promote sportsmanship, we began the year with an all fall sport parent meeting where parents were introduced to the “Why We Play” initiative MSHSAA is currently supporting. This initiative is geared at bringing sports back to the student athletes and focuses on reasons student athletes actually participate in sports (fun, hang out with friends, belong to a group—winning was toward the end of the list). Another way we are promoting sportsmanship is through a rating scale we created for officials to rate our coaches, parents,
and athletes after home contests in the areas of respect and sportsmanship.

Feedback from those rating scales were shared with our coaching staff. In our quest to become a MSHSAA Leadership School, we have presented to our local Rotary Club on the importance of participating in athletics for students. We have a curriculum on sportsmanship and character we will complete in PE and health classes, along with several other opportunities we plan to pursue in route to achieving MSHSAA Leadership status.

To help promote exceptional character in our athletes, every coach created a purpose statement, which answered the questions: Why do I coach, Why do I coach the way I do, and How does it feel to be coached by me—would I want to be coached by me. This was a powerful activity for coaches to complete. To ensure we are helping adequately prepare students athletes for High School, every middle school coach is expected and required to meet with and keep an open line of communication with the varsity coach of their sport. From
changes in competition schedules to practice plans, our fall coaches did a great job communicating and involving varsity coaches in our programs.

We have done a fantastic job on hiring coaches who genuinely care about our student athletes and have bought into “Why We Play."
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