Reeds Spring Scores Well on APR

The Reeds Spring R-IV School District earned a 91.8% on the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Annual Performance Report (APR). That report is the state’s system for school and district accountability, to ensure students are prepared for college and/or a career. The district’s score earned Reeds Spring full accreditation.

The Annual Performance Report is scored on five standards: academic achievement, attendance, college and career readiness, graduation rate, and subgroup achievement (free and reduced lunch students, African-American and Hispanic students, English Language Learners, and students with disabilities.)

Reeds Spring earned 55 out of 56 points possible for academic achievement. The district also scored a perfect 30 on graduation rate. The standard most in need of improvement is attendance. Each building has an attendance goal and strives to have all students in attendance daily.

Dr. Chris Templeton, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning stated, “Daily attendance is critical to students’ learning effectively. So many classroom experiences are hands-on or involve collaboration and critical thinking which cannot be ‘made up’ if students are absent. It is just so important that students be in attendance every day possible.”

Last spring, students took new state assessments aligned to more rigorous state standards. Legislation states that new assessments cannot be used when determining accreditation status of school districts. This year, if 2015 assessment scores were lower, the 2014 scores were used instead.

“While we do offer a quality, rigorous curriculum to our students, we were uncertain as to how the students would do with the new tests,” Dr. Templeton said. “Not only were the tests based on the more rigorous state standards, this was also the first year for the tests to be administered online in grades 3 through 8. We were very pleased that our students scored so well on the English Language Arts assessment that our 2015 scores were used for our District APR calculations. Also, our Math 2015 scores were used for three of our buildings. Our overall academic achievement is at the highest rate it has been for the district. We are definitely on the right track!”
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