Hard Work Ensures Schools are Prepared for First Day

The first day of school usually involves many emotions for students, parents, and school staff. Some are excited, others anxious, and occasionally there’s some frustration. One other emotion is relief. The staff at Reeds Spring Schools has worked very hard preparing for August 19.

Much of the planning for this school year began in the spring, or even earlier. Decisions had to be made on how best to serve students. Those decisions come from the school board and administrators in the central office, principals and teachers, cooks, as well as maintenance and custodial crews.  


Here are a few examples:


All school buses must be thoroughly prepared. Drivers must know their routes and understand the nuances of the job. These are often the first people affiliated with the schools that students see.  


The kitchens and cafeterias must be clean and well stocked and menus must be in place. Food Service coordinators must find the best deals on the best food and prepare to feed thousands of students.  


Schools and facility grounds must be safe and clean.  Over the summer, maintenance and

custodial crews were on a tight schedule to prepare buildings.  


Secretaries are the central nervous system of the schools. They must be up to speed on virtually everything from schedules to new rules to how to operate the phones. All this on top of being the default “go to” person for students and staff.


Principals must be experts in the duties they carry out. Like quarterbacks, they must be the on-the-field coaches of their schools. They are involved in every aspect: managing a facility, working with parents, and being academic leaders for their staff.


Teachers spend hours and hours preparing for the upcoming school year. This work is

ongoing, starting the previous year and continuing throughout the summer months.  

Teachers are expected to collaborate with principals and peers to develop consistent and

challenging curriculum; develop best practices,  and hone their strategies to ensure that each child finds success.  


At Reeds Spring Schools, we feel all this work is worth it. There are few things as exciting and joyful as having students return to school. We hope students and their parents feel welcome in our schools, and we believe that working together will help our young people find success.
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