Masks Required Starting on Friday, April 30


The Reeds Spring School District will reinstate its masking policy beginning Friday, April 30. That means students and staff will once again be required to wear masks.   

Last week, we made masks optional based on the fact that we had not experienced positive cases or quarantined students since early February. In our message, we stated we would monitor the situation and may have to return to a masking policy.  

As you know from our recent district health announcements, we have experienced some positive cases of COVID-19, resulting in a large number of students being quarantined. As a result of this data, we decided to reinstate the masking policy for the remainder of the school year.

Knowing schools are still responsible for following the quarantine rules established by CDC and our local health department, we feel this action will reduce the number of students who might become quarantined. We believe end-of-the-year events are essential for students and we want to keep as many students in school as possible.  

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