Masks Required for Grades K-12 Starting December 1


When the Reeds Spring School District returns from Thanksgiving Break on Tuesday, December 1, we will require all students in grades K-12 to wear masks. This change is based on recommendations from the governor and the state department of education.


Students and staff will no longer be quarantined due to exposure at school if both individuals – the person diagnosed with COVID-19 and the person exposed to the positive case – were wearing masks. That means we can cut down on the number of students that need to be quarantined when there is a COVID-19 exposure. 


Students will be able to remove masks during lunch, recess, and physical education classes. Also, if a teacher feels that students can maintain proper social distance, the teacher can allow students to remove masks.


Please note that students who are exposed to COVID-19 outside of school will still be required to quarantine and will not be allowed to attend school during their quarantine period.


This decision is based on advice from state leaders, consultation with the Stone County Health Department, the careful examination of data, and thoughtful deliberation. We take the health threat of COVID-19 seriously. We also recognize the challenges that the quarantine process places on students, their families, and our staff. Our decisions are based on what we believe to be the best interest of students.

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