Message From School Nurses


August 19


The Reeds Spring School District Health Services staff strives to keep students and staff safe and healthy during the school day. This year the task before us seems daunting, and we have to implement new procedures to manage this. As a reminder, students in grades 5-12 are required to wear masks. We continue to encourage students in grades K-4 to wear masks as well. 


One of the critical issues this year will be keeping children who are feeling well out of the nurse’s office as much as possible. In a typical year, we have more than 20,000 combined student visits to our nurses, with the majority of those coming from students who are not ill.  


We are asking that if possible, students who would typically take prescription medication at school to please take those medications at home either before or after school. We do understand that for some, this may not be possible, and in those cases, we will make sure to meet your student’s needs. If your student will need to take a daily prescription medication at school, please contact the building nurse and arrange to drop that off before the start of school. Please do not wait until the first day to do this as the nurses will need to draft medication schedules before school starts.


If your student has a significant health need (diabetes, seizures, severe allergies requiring epinephrine, asthma, etc.), please contact your child’s doctor and have them fax updated orders to the school. You should also contact the building nurse and arrange to meet and drop off supplies before the start of school. We are asking that you do not drop off supplies during any open house times.


Above all else, we are asking you to partner with us and keep your child home if they are sick. If you are unsure whether you should send your child to school or not based on their symptoms, we ask that you use caution and do not send them if they aren’t feeling well. 


The Reeds Spring District Nursing Staff appreciates your understanding and cooperation in these matters.



Karla Bauer, RN

Head District Nurse

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