Superintendent’s Assistant Named Employee of the Month

The Reeds Spring School District recognized administrative assistant Rachelle Meats as the Employee of the Month for December. Meats is the assistant to superintendent Dr. Cody Hirschi, the school board secretary, and the district’s core data coordinator.

“During the past year, Rachelle has worked tirelessly to effectively support my transition into the school district,” said Dr. Hirschi. “She is a positive voice for our district and her attitude and resolve to be the best she can on a daily basis is worthy of admiration.”

A big part of Meats’ jobs for the past year has been to schedule Dr. Hirschi’s one-on-one meetings with every district employee.

“Her attention to detail has really been a key factor in accomplishing that goal to connect with all the staff and to ride all the bus routes. I could not have done it without her,” Hirschi said. “She is a talented individual and a blessing to our entire school community.”


picture of Rachelle Meats

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