Mrs. Megan Snowden Receives Excellence Award for November/December


Being a teacher requires so much more than just knowing subject matter and being able to share it. The ability to build caring and trusting relationships with students and their parents is a critical skill. Reeds Spring Primary School’s Megan Snowden is so good in that role, she earned the district’s Excellence Award.

“She makes all the students feel welcomed and ready to start their day,” wrote parent Kimber Sawyer. “My son is shy and she is helping him break out his shell.” 

Snowden has taught for 19 years at Reeds Spring Schools. Her coworkers say she is a leader in the building and an advocate for students.

“She makes every student feel loved,” wrote parent Shelby Booth. “She went above and beyond to communicate with us during COVID last year and even sent personal notes and mail to my son through the year and summer.”

“She takes time to make everyone in the building feel special,” said kindergarten teacher Megan Arnall. “She makes it a point to give people sweet notes of encouragement. She is definitely a teacher to admire.”

Reeds Spring Excellence Awards are new this year. They replaced the former Employee of the Month and Teacher of the Month awards. The nomination process is now open to students, staff, parents, and the community. 

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