Sixth Grader Wins Statewide Essay Contest


An essay about finances helped a Reeds Spring student earn some money. Sixth-grader Baya Clifford won the InvestWrite statewide essay contest. The contest was part of The Stock Market Game, an online simulation of the global markets designed for school-aged children.

Reeds Spring students participate in The Stock Market Game during C4 class, which is the district’s gifted program. Clifford's family and her teacher, Mrs. Robin Verheyen, surprised Baya by announcing the award in front of her classmates during lunch.

“I was very, very, very caught off guard. I didn’t think I was going to win,” Clifford said. “It’s pretty big. I wasn’t expecting this.”

Clifford’s essay focused on her financial goals. “My three short-term goals are saving for a car, car insurance, and gas,” Clifford wrote. “My long-term goal is to save money for college and get a full education so that I can become a doctor. I want to be a heart surgeon, brain surgeon, or OBGYN.”

Clifford also wrote about investing in various stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Even though she’s just a sixth-grader, it’s clear she understands the importance of a diversified portfolio and she wasn’t intimidated by complicated finances.

“I actually went home and I was smiling ear to ear when I found out that I was getting to do such a big project like this,” Clifford said.

For winning the statewide contest, Clifford received a trophy, $100, and her essay has been entered into a national competition.


baya clifford and family

Baya Clifford and Mrs. Verheyen


Baya Clifford and Mrs. Verheyen

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